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What Do I Do Now? A course for parents and carers new to autism

Are you a parent or carer who has a child awaiting assessment or who has recently (in the last year) been given a diagnosis of autism spectrum disorder for your child? We run a 6-week course especially for you – created by a parent for parents.

How can you help your child? What benefits can you claim? How can you manage challenging behaviour? Who can help you with school issues? Over the course of six weeks, you will learn about all of these things and more, in the company of others like yourself.

The What Do I Do Now? course encompasses everything you need to know right now.

Each week we will cover, in depth, a topic that will help you to help your child, your family and yourself. The information is up-to-the-minute current and specific to where you live. You don’t need a diagnosis to attend this course. The course schedule looks like this:

Week 1: Autism parenting 101 – a general overview of autism and strategies to help your child right now

Week 2: Sensory issues / how to talk about autism and get the help you need

Week 3: Benefits and financial support

Week 4: Education issues and support

Week 5: Challenging behaviour

Week 6: Finding the ‘new normal’ – how to adapt your lifestyle to accommodate your child’s autism

Course facilitators

Kate Laine-Toner
Kate Laine-Toner
Loren Snow autistic public speaker and trainer
Loren Snow

The course was created by our Founding Director Kate Laine-Toner. Kate is mum to an autistic little girl and is also autistic and has ADHD herself. The course is co-facilitated by Loren Snow, who is also autistic and has ADHD. Loren is a trainer and teacher and has a brilliant website called Autism Academy.

What people have said about this course

“I can’t express just how absolutely, essentially important and transformational this course has been for my life.”

“I have taken so much from this course! It was life-changing for me as a mum and I can’t recommend it enough.”

“Loads of useful info – I do feel I understand better now.”

“Kate’s style is extremely helpful – everyone’s experience is welcome. I felt really looked after.”

“Finally a course that really understands what it’s like to be a parent of a child with autism!”

How to book

Below are the currently scheduled courses for 2021. All will be presented via Zoom. Each session is recorded and available for one week after that session, so if you cannot attend the ‘live’ sessions, you can still take part.

April 2021
When: Every Thursday from 10am – 12pm for six weeks, starting on 22nd April
Where: via Zoom
Click here to book this course

September 2021
When: Every Thursday from 10am – 12pm for six weeks, starting on 9th September
Where: via Zoom
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