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The BAS Buddy Scheme


The BAS Buddy Scheme is a free, six week mentoring programme for parents* new to autism or who are going through a specific challenge. The scheme is designed so that you (the ‘mentee’) can be supported by another parent of an autistic child (the ‘mentor’) who is further along in their journey. You can ask questions, find out information and get some emotional support from your mentor.

You and your mentor will be in contact for a period of six weeks. During the Coronavirus lockdown, you will decide together how this can work – you can speak by phone, have video chats or simply communicate by text or email, or a combination of these. Your mentor will be available to support you for a cumulative total of one hour each week.

Your mentor

Your mentor will be selected for you based on the information you give us. As it is very important to match you with an appropriate person, please be aware there may be a wait before you are matched.

Ground rules

You must be a member of BAS in order to join the Buddy Scheme. To join, please click here.

The goal of the parent/mentor relationship is to provide you with as much information and help as possible over the course of the six week period. This support is very specific: your mentor will work with you specifically around the subject of autism, and is not expected to offer general advice (for example about relationships or benefits other than disability-related benefits).

Your mentor will have a BAS-issued mobile phone and email address for you to contact them through.

You and your mentor will agree to times when contact is best. Please bear in mind that that the mentor will also have children at home during the Coronavirus lockdown, but will do everything in their power to support you over the six weeks.

The boundaries of this scheme are very strict and are to be followed for the safety and protection of all parties involved. The mentor has been trained to follow our Safeguarding Policy. We take Safeguarding extremely seriously and are bound by law to act on any concerns we have.

Getting help with the scheme

If you need any other support during the mentoring scheme, please ring 07501 014123 or email If for any reason, you feel you don’t want to work with your mentor, please let us know as soon as possible. You are under no obligation to continue if you are not comfortable. Contact us, and we will simply end the relationship for you; you will not need to tell your mentor that you don’t want to continue.

* ’Parents’ could be biological or adoptive, foster carers or other unpaid carers

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