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What is Proprioception?

So What is Proprioception? Proprioception is our sense of our bodies and body awareness. It’s what we feel when we contract and stretch our muscles, and when we...

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What are Police Passports?

POLICE PASSPORT What a police passport is and looks like varies from area to area but should have the same aim wherever you are. The aim of a police passport is to...

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What is Sensory Overload?

So today, I’m going to answer a few questions: Firstly we’re going to look at what Sensory Overload is, what things can help reduce this overload...

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Food & the Senses

Autistic people can often have issues with food and eating. What causes these issues can be varied and complex.   If you’re a parent of an autistic child, who eats...

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Sensory issues and autism

This is a guest post by Loren Snow, an autistic public speaker and trainer. If you want to hear more from them you can check out their YouTube here: youtube...

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