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Recently, social media influencer Purple Ella recorded some videos for us about Anxiety, Sensory and Masking. We posted the shortened versions on our social media channels.

Ella was diagnosed as autistic in their late 30’s, and ADHD in their early 40’s. They are also a parent to 3 neurodivergent teens. As a result Ella began creating content on YouTube, and subsequently Instagram and TikTok, exploring their understanding of neurodivergence. Over time, as their audience has grown, they have created a safe space for autistic and ADHD people, and their loved ones, to feel comforted, validated and valued. Additionally Ella has worked for the National Autistic Society doing consultancy, and helping to develop and deliver training. They have spoken about their experiences of autism and ADHD at conferences and events across the UK. Created training videos and other content for the NHS and in the private sector. As well as being a proud ambassador for the charity Dogs For Autism. 

To view the longer versions of these videos, keep scrolling.