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What are Hospital Passports?


What Hospital Passports are and how to use them.

A Hospital Passport is a short 2-4 page document designed to help autistic people communicate their needs to doctors, nurses and other healthcare professionals. It is sometimes also referred to as a Health Passport.

The idea is that if you, or your child, has to go into a hospital this one small document will explain all their basic needs: their sensory needs, their communication needs, and how they express pain. You know basically everything someone needs to know to treat them.

I have a hospital passport myself, and mine is only two pages. My suggestion is you use the below links as a guide and make yours shorter or simply remove needed sections from the below templates.
Having taught a many care staff I hear them tell me over and over that “healthcare professionals don’t look at them”. This is why I advise making them as short and to the point as possible and physically handing them to them at the point of contact. I’d also suggest making them solution-focused for example rather than just saying “sound hurts his/my ears” say “sound hurts his/my ears and so I need to wear headphones”. That way you’re giving them the solution to the issue.

Here’s the NHS one:

Here’s The National Autistic Society’s one:


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