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What is a Care Education and Treatment Review (CTR)?


What is a Care Education and Treatment Review?

What is a Care Education and Treatment Review?
A CTR is a meeting to check that a person’s care and treatment is meeting their needs. It may be held for anyone with learning disabilities, autism or both who may be at risk of admission to, or who is already in, a specialist learning disability or mental health hospital or is at risk of being admitted to one.

The following people may be invited to attend reviews:
• The person
• Their advocate if one has been appointed
• The family
• Those responsible for providing the individual’s care (such as school staff, occupational therapists, doctors, psychiatrists, psychologists, etc)

The review is led by the responsible commissioner, or an independent chair, with support from two independent expert advisers (someone with a clinical background such as a learning disability nurse and an expert by experience who has autism or a learning disability) whose role is to bring an additional challenge and an alternative perspective. The review team makes recommendations to improve the individual’s care with follow-up checks to ensure this is happening.

Some of the above information is taken from the CTR Family Survival Guide: Which is a 50-page document that details everything you need to know about CTRs as a family member.


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